Saturday, August 9, 2008


We just ordered cable...I am super excited so naturally you MUST put up a post. So if anyone wants to watch some football this year I hear the Warnecke's love visitors.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Honeymoon...DAY 1

The actual first day of our honeymoon (Sunday) was spent mostly driving. We drove almost 13 hours up to Plymouth, MA but we won't bore you with all those details. But some highlights were all the people who honked at us, driving through NYC, and my (Rob) explosive gas and terribly painful bloating from a Burger King chicken sandwich in New Jersey.

Okay...the unofficial day 1. First we went to Water Street Cafe to get some breakfast and it was yummy. Then we went grocery shopping at the Stop and Shop...super high tech. The rest of the afternoon we just explored around Plymouth. Our cottage was right next to Plimoth Plantation and right across the street from Plymouth Beach. It was also right outside the cute historic district. Here is some pictures of our cottage and downtown Plymouth...

Then we made it home and whipped up a delicious steak dinner with some green beans and couscous. It was the deal x 4909....thats it.

This is what was left....

We welcome ourselves!!!!!

Hello! We are super duper excited to waste all of our time on this new adventure! Goodbye Bible... No seriously, we are excited to have a blog and have someone read it. Our posts will most likely be extremely random and sporadic, but we will try to keep yall updated on what's transpiring in our crazy life. Enjoy!